Acknowledge sources

Whenever you use somebody else's work you have to give credit to the original author. There are several ways of doing this. The most common citation style in the Netherlands are the APA guidelines. On this page, we explain more about how to acknowledge sources using APA.

Voorzijde APA richtlijnen Nederlandse & Duitse versie
De APA-richtlijnen uitgelegd
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Erläuterung der APA-richtlinien
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The APA Guidelines Explained was compiled by nine information specialists from seven institutions in collaboration with SURF and the Society of Institutional Libraries (SHB), with permission from the American Psychological Association (APA).

The publication is freely available via this website. The Dutch paper version of the APA guidelines in a ring binder can be ordered via Studystore (the Netherlands) and Studieshop (Belgium).

  • Price ring binder (Dutch version): € 3.95
  • ISBN 978-90-72482-20-4 (Dutch version, ring binder)
  • ISBN 978-90-72482-21-1 (Dutch version, e-book)
  • ISBN 978-90-72482-22-8 (German version, e-book)

The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Seventh Edition is the official source for APA Style. There are some changes relative to the sixth edition from 2009. The Dutch manual De APA-richtlijnen uitgelegd is based on the sixth edition. A third and new edition of this manual will be published on by the Werkgroep APA in the course of 2021.


Spring 2021: "De APA-richtlijnen uitgelegd" edition 3


The third edition of "De APA-richtlijnen uitgelegd" is based on the seventh edition of the "Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association" and will be published in May 2021. Starting with the 2021/2022 academic year, this third edition will be applied in higher education.

The main 10 changes to be included in the new edition:


2nd edition

3rd edition

Multiple authors







Up to and including five authors all cited in the text. From six authors the first name + et al. and for second and subsequent references from three authors the first + et al.

Up to two authors named in the text. From three authors only the first name followed by et al.

2 In the source list, a maximum of 8 authors are listed before the source citation is truncated. In the source list, a maximum of 20 authors are listed before the source citation is truncated.





Mention of both place name and publisher name. An ebook does not require a publisher to be listed.

The name of the publisher is given. The place name is omitted. The publisher is also listed in the case of an ebook.

4 Words such as "publisher" are omitted. In the case of multiple publishers, only the first name is listed. The name of the publisher is reproduced as it appears on the title page. In the case of multiple publishers, all names are listed.
5 If the organisation is the same as the publisher, 'Author' is put next to the publisher's name. If the organisation is the same as the publisher, the publisher's name is omitted.







DOI may be listed as doi: or as

DOI is listed as


7 The issue number is mentioned only when each issue of the magazine begins with page 1. The number of the episode is always mentioned.





The name of the website is not mentioned.

The name of the website is listed after the title, except when author/organisation is the same as website name.





For a figure, name and number below the image.

For a figure, name and number above the image.

Dissertation, thesis, internship report





Place name is after the name of the educational institution, description of the document after the title in round brackets.

Place name of educational institution omitted, description of document after title in square brackets.

De APA-richtlijnen uitgelegd – verschillen 2e en 3e editie
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Frequently asked questions about the 2nd edition of the APA Guidelines Explained

Will there also be an English language version of 'The APA Guidelines Explained'?
The working group has not received permission from the APA for the English-language version. Tilburg University has produced the English version of Citing Sources According to APA Guidelines.

In 'The APA Guidelines Explained' it states that the publication is not authorized by The American Psychological Association, what does this mean?
Prior to publication, the APA working group requested permission from The American Psychological Association to create a Dutch-language manual focused on source citation. The study group received this permission with the request to record in two languages that it was an unauthorized publication. An authorized publication would only have been possible if it had been a literal translation of the official Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, but this was not the purpose of the more practice-oriented manual that the APA study group had in mind. The APA Style experts were contacted several times during the compilation of the manual.

May I post the digital version of "The APA Guidelines Explained" on my own website or the site of my institution?
You may, but we prefer to link to get a better idea of the number of downloads. This also ensures that the most recent version is referred to in the event of a revision.

Where can I order a hard copy of 'The APA Guidelines Explained' as a bookseller and is there a bookseller discount?
The ring binder can only be purchased through Studystore. Because of the low price, there is no bookstore discount.

I have a suggestion, suggestion or remark with regard to 'The APA guidelines explained', where can I leave this?
Preferably by e-mail to Depending on the question, the information specialist of your own program or college can also be approached.